June 12th, 2011

Did you happen to watch this morning’s “Meet the Press” and “Face the Nation”? What a real problem we, the American people, have. The only thing both parties did was argue about everything while getting paid an enormous salary with all kinds of major perks as the American people are suffering. Our politicians ARE the problem, NOT the solution.

As Americans, we ALL need to pull together or our beloved Country will slip farther downward while ALL the major lenders continue on a path of planned financial destruction for our citizens.

It has now become a major part of most news shows on TV as well as many of the major newspapers how 11.1 million families are in dire financial danger because of what is being termed, “Underwater Properties”, on the West Coast and “Upside Down Properties” on the East coast.

So, what can we do to become a “SOLUTION” instead of continuing to just say that we feel sorry for all of these fine families as well as the other 200 million or so families who are also under large financial stress with household debt and mortgages?

My Book, “Escape Compounded Interest” tells the history of just how this compounded interest is literally keeping almost all Americans in serious debt for far too long.

I spent the last half of 2009 and most of 20 10 writing this book, (2 more about to be completed) showing my video’s, DVD’s and CD’s to anyone I could to show exactly how our product will make ALL of these fine families bad financial situation turn into a major wealth builder. We have many families who have joined this program and are now well on the road to their own financial well being, by reversing this compounded interest and using it back against the major lenders across America.

Here is what we need to do. There has never been a better opportunity than what we have now to get this message out. We need to be the very first company to take this program across America and around the world by using the following avenues.

Television interviews, Radio Interviews, as many websites as can be available everywhere, create a master website for ourselves, engage as many Licensee’s and Associates as possible in the shortest amount of time as possible. Time is of the essence for ALL of these fine Americans.

All the politicians say is that they will try to put some more government rules and regulations in place once they become President and see if that will work. The Government IS NOT in tune with its citizens. All the politicians care about is their own financial well being with the big salaries, retirement benefits, etc.

The private sector is the single venue that, for as long as I can remember, is the only driver of the American economy, not the large corporations. The Government has not done anything for these creators of JOBS except place more restrictions and regulations and literally causing many to be forced out of business rather than give them the help they desperately need to grow and make this nation strong once gain.

Join with us and help us give as many families and business people the ability to take back total financial control of their own financial destiny.