Sunday August 21, 2011

Once again, the topic being discussed with a large national mortgage broker and one who specializes in VA mortgages was asked about what people could do if they are ”Underwater”?

Once again, there was absolutely “No help available” other than try to do what is called a loan modification and that was very doubtful.

This is the time for our program to be brought forward since it is the only program where ALL properties, including, “Underwater and/or Upside down properties” can be made whole in a very short period of time. Our program is the absolute answer to millions of families across America who have such an issue.

This crisis is the main reason I wrote my new book, “Escape Compounded Interest” and then produced this new website that lets everyone who wants and needs to eradicate ALL debt including any kind ofmortgage(s) to do so right online.