Why can’t I just make extra payments to the principal on my current mortgage? Isn’t it the same thing?

Southern Commercial Corp.’s program contains an algorithm that systematically creates the higher interest savings possible in the least amount of time.

Each individual, due to the uniqueness of their situation, requires a custom plan to achieve optimal results. Plus, if you make additional payments on a conventional 30-year fixed-rate loan, you can’t borrow that money without taking out a home-equity line of credit or a home-equity loan.

With the mortgage-accelerator, you already have the line of credit in palce.

That gives homeowners confidence that they can be aggressive in paying their mortgages and still have money readily available if a financial emergency comes up.


Why have I not heard of this program before?

Homeowners in Australia and the United Kingdom have been using this system for the last 12 years. In fact, more than a third of the households in Australia and about one fourth of the households in the United Kingdom are currently using a program to accelerate their equity. The financial institutions in the United States do not like this program because they make less money in interest per household.


Is this a new concept in the United States?

No. Many Fortune 500 companies use a banking technique called a “sweep account”. This technique is used to reduce the daily calculated interest. Big companies started moving or “sweeping” their bank accounts daily to an outstanding interest bearing loan to reduce average daily interest.


Why do I have to apply for a line of credit for this program to work?

Southern Commercial Corp.’s program utilizes a line of credit to maximize interest savings.

Interest in a line of credit is calculated on an average daily balance.

Normally, it would not make sense to open up a line of credit with a higher interest rate but since you put your pay check into your line of credit account every month, your balance stays lower and you pay less interest.


Do I have to spend less and pay more every month for this program to work?

No. If you are currently making more than you are spending per month, you do not need to change your behaviors. Many people that want to pay their home off even faster make changes in their spending behavior, but changing your budget is not necessary.


What happens if I sell my home?

Southern Commercial Corp.’s program helps you build equity. Essentially it is impossible to move backwards if you follow your personalized plan. The line of credit will not affect your ability to sell your house. Plus, when you move into your new home, you can use the same program to pay your new home off faster and save thousands in interest.


Do I have to refinance my current home loan for this to work?

No. You can refinance to increase your interest savings, but it is not necessary. If you need to refinance, Southern Commercial Corp. will be glad to help you get a better interest rate and help you save money each month.