debt_strIn the last 3 to 5 years our society and economy has seen people lose their employment, their homes, investments, spouses and finally their health….the economic crisis has ultimately become a Stress Crisis.

On Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 in the Money Section of the USA Today it clearly stated that 23.1% of ALL mortgaged homes are currently ”Underwater” simply meaning that the current mortgage is greater than the home’s current value. Sadly, there are millions more homeowners who are in danger of slipping, “Underwater”. When a mortgage is “Underwater” the homeowner CANNOT get any form of refinancing. Most ALL of these homes are highly unlikely to recover lost value for many years according to the National Association of Realtors.

Such Financial Stress is a major factor forcing most families where both spouses have to work at least 2 full time jobs and in a lot of cases these families have to have yet anotherpart-time form of employment just to keep the lights on.

Look at what Dr. John Adams in Columbia, MO. states, “We are in a vicious cycle to say the least. We have more sick people, higher healthcare cost, escalating insurance premiums and less productivity”…Is it any wonder we are now seeing major corporations promoting and paying for weight loss, gym fees, day care, etc., as they are trying to “stop the bleeding” in any way possible to do their best to retain great employees and keep their bottom line above the red level to be able to boost company profits and productivity. These corporations are paying for this to increase wellness and fitness to decrease absenteeism. According to Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company of New Jersey their
employees who have participated in these various programs have seen their average medical claims 70% lower than those who did not. NASA discovered they have experienced a 12.5% increase in productivity over those who did nothing.

Having such stated “Financial Stress” causes a major part of un-wellness and under productivity for dozens of major corporations and households.

SCC, LLC has a “Solution” to eradicate such a burden, regardless of being, “Underwater” or not. To our knowledge there is no other company in America who can help almost every homeowner or commercial property owner to get “Totally” out of ALL debt in 2/3′s less time than what they currently have, WITHOUT REFINANCING, WITHOUT APPRAISALS, adding extra money to their current payments or changing their spending habits one iota. We ahve a program that has worked effectively for many families in the past several years as testimonials show.

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