Linda Davis: Chief Executive Officer


Russell Davis: President

Linda and Russell Davis have been married for over 40 years and have spent many of those years in the mortgage industry. Linda has been a residential mortgage broker for 15 years and has worked along side her husband for many years.

Russell Davis has been involved in the mortgage industry for more than 25 years. He is the CEO of Southern Commercial Corp, a company focused on helping individuals and companies eliminate ALL debt. Russell has extensive training through the Capstone Institute of Mortgage Finance and G.E. Fraud School. He has been featured on numerous radio talk shows, made special appearances over 70 times on ABC affiliate stations and hosted his own prime time TV call-in-show “The One Stop Mortgage Shop”. Russell was a special guest on CNN. Russell also had his own world wide radio talk show on Voice America Talk Radio Network and has just completed his radio show on 1100 Independent Talk Radio, KFNX in Phoenix, AZ. Russell is a co-author of How to write a Nothing Down Offer and author of 3 of his own: “Escape Compounded Interest”–“Solution”–& “Entrepreneurial”. Russell has also written all material for the “Absolute Solution to ALL Underwater and/or UpSide Down Properties”.


Linda Davis has been in the Financial Industry for the past 20 years. She owned her own Home Mortgage Business for around 15 years, She closed that business in December, 2008 as she knew what was coming in the 2008 market, ie: ” Upsidedown and/or Underwater properties”. Linda worked with Russell to organize and do the work-ups on Russell’s 3 books. She created the art work and and other materials for company presentations. Linda is the majority owner of SCC, Eagle, LLC, a privately held company.


Terry Larson: Executive Vice President Media/Communication

Terry Larson: Executive Vice President of Media Operations

Terry Larson’s interest and involvement in media operations when he recorded his first live performance while in Junior High School. In College at Drake University, he majored in Journalism with a BA Degree in Radio and Television Production. Terry worked for a number of years in the production department of an NBC affiliated TV station in Des Moines, Iowa operating cameras, running audio and performing technical directing and directing duties. Terry continued his involvement in the media by producing training videos as a pilot and Captain in the United States Marine Corps. Upon completion of his service, he and his wife, Ginny, created and operated a photography and video production business. Terry is now Executive Vice President of Media Operations for SCC, Eagle, LLC.


Steve Haney: Executive Vice President Technology Officer

Steve Haney: Executive Vice President and Technology Officer


Steve Haney has been involved in various aspects of the communications industry for more than 40 years. He has worked for various government contractors and private corporations including ABC News, Tracor, GTE, Motorola, and General Dynamics. Mr. Haney holds a Bachelor of Science degree from George Washington University along with multiple industry certifications.  Steve is now Executive Vice President Technology Officer for SCC, Eagle, LLC.



John Burton

John Burton: Executive Vice President and General Counsel



John Burton is a business and commercial law Attorney. His practice is concentrated in commercial transactions, real estate, intellectual property, information technology, and business disputes and litigation. John brings to the Company over 3 decades ot his diverse legal experience and business acumen. John is now Executive Vice President and General Counsel of SCC, Eagle, LLC.